Optimizing Vision for Peak Performance

You Can't Hit It, Kick it, or Catch it
If you Can't See It

20over8 applies cutting edge vision science to on-field sports performance

Use The Same Vision Test The Pros Have Used For Years

What Do You Get When You:

Understand that vision is critical to sports performance


Combine over 20 years of experience in optimizing the vision of professional and Olympic athletes


Use a team of eye care professionals from America’s top Universities


Some of America’s best professional athletic teams able to perform at the highest level*

*Several Major League Baseball World Series championships, many Olympic medals

Good Vision Is 20/20

Optimum Vision Is 20/8

20/20 Is not good enough in sports. How can I make sure my vision is what I need to succeed?
Answer: OptimEYEs!


Most Athletes Don’t Know That They Are Being Held Back By Poor Vision

Eye Chart

Standard, 150 Year Old, Eye Exam Unable To Test Vision Needed For Optimal Sports Performance

Smartphone and Tablet

Test Yourself In The Comfort of Your Own Space

Benefits of OptimEYEs System

20over8 applies cutting edge science to on-field sports performance

Learn about what your results mean and how improving your visual ability can improve your sports performance

Compare your results to others, as well as to what is needed for a variety of sports, including the pros!

About Us

Daniel M. Laby, MD
Dr. Laby has been trained in Ophthalmology and specializes in Sports Vision as well as Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Dr. Laby attended the George Washington University School of Medicine, receiving his medical degree in 1987. He completed his residency in 1992 and a fellowship at UCLA in 1993. Dr. Laby has served as staff ophthalmologist for several professional sports teams including the LA Dodgers, NY Mets and LA Kings as well as the St Louis Cardinals. Dr. Laby also worked with, and accompanied the US Olympic team to the Beijing Olympics. Currently, Dr. Laby works with the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros and advises the Boston Celtics. Each year he screens the players at their respective training camps, as well as evaluating any draft picks or traded players. In addition to performing a routine eye examination on each player, he evaluates several visual functions that are specifically important to baseball performance. Dr. Laby is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, and is a full member of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and has authored many journal articles, textbook chapters, and is the co- author of Dictionary of Ophthalmology. Dr. Laby has been featured on Fox News as well as over a dozen local television and radio stations. Recently, Dr. Laby’s work was featured the Wall Street Journal as well as in Sports Illustrated as part of a series on Sports Medicine.
David G. Kirschen, OD, PhD
Dr. Kirschen is a licensed Optometrist as well as a Vision Scientist. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree and PhD in Physiological Optics from the University of California at Berkeley. For last 20 years Dr. Kirschen has been Team Optometrist for several professional sports teams including the LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, St Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, NY Mets and LA Kings among others. Each year he evaluates the players at their spring training camps in Florida. In addition to performing a routine eye examination on each player, he evaluates several visual functions that are integral to elite sports performance. In 2008 he had the privilege of working with the US Olympic team as they prepared for Beijing and in 2008 he was honored to be the AOA Sports Vision Optometrist of the Year. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Academy of Optometry and American Optometric Association. Dr. Kirschen is a Professor Emeritus of Optometry and Visual Science at the Southern California College of Optometry and has been the Chief of Binocular Vision and Orthoptic Services at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA for the last 30 years. He has authored many journal articles, 5 textbook chapters and has lectured extensively in the US and abroad to the medical and optometric communities for over 40 years.
David L. Meadows, PhD
Dr. Meadows is currently CEO of Constellation Research, LLC, and Vice-President of 20over8, Inc. Prior to forming Constellation Research, LLC, he was a Vice President of Research and Development at Alcon/Novartis in Fort Worth, Texas where he was responsible for activities on new over-the-counter products in the areas of contact lens care, dry eye and ocular vitamins. Additional responsibilities included establishment of innovative programs and collaborations with academic institutions that provided future generations of Alcon products. He held several positions of increasing responsibility and influence after joining Alcon Labs in 1994. Prior to Alcon, he was a Principal Scientist in drug delivery research at Allergan Pharmaceuticals. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1988. He has more than 40 patents, over 30 refereed journal articles and over 100 conference abstracts. He is a Fellow of American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering and is a member of ARVO, AAO and AAPS professional organizations. He has also participated as an expert on the international ISO/CEN Contact Lens Product Committees.

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